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G. Tony Moore Waterlilies

G. Tony Moore Waterlilies

Hybridizer, G. Tony Moore, of Ohio, has hybridized some of the most breathtaking and exquisite waterlilies on the planet! He has worked for several years to enhance and improve waterlilies through discerning breeding practices. In my humble opinion, What Tony has done for waterlilies is equal to what Monet has done for paintings! 

Tony has created some of the most SENSATIONAL waterlilies available on the market today. The waterlilies are hardy plants with many petaled blooms that are as dazzling as any I have seen before. They can be planted in loam soil and planted to depths of 1-3' beneath the surface of the water, in full sun. These waterlilies should be fertilized with a slow release fertilizer during the growing/blooming season with a slow release fertilizer. I recommend and use Landon's Granular Fertilizer OR Waterlily World Pond Tabs. These fertilizers will give your plants strong roots, robust foliage and best bloom!


Here are a list of Tony Moore's fantastic waterlilies:


1.) Awesome Waterlily

2.) Black Cherry Waterlily

3.) Citrus Twist Waterlily

4.) Crazy Pom Pom Waterlily

5.) Fuschia Pom Pom Waterlily

6.) Lemon Meringue Waterlily

7.) Pink Dawn Waterlily

8.) Pink Lemonade Waterlily

9.)Pink Pom Pom Waterlily

10.) Razzberry Waterlilly

11.) Razzberry Star Waterlily

12.) Snowflake Waterlily

13.) Strawberry Milkshake

14.)Wanvisa Waterlily


I think the names that Tony has given to the waterlilies in his collection are as unusual and unique as his waterlilies are to the waterlily world. Absolutely refreshing! Enjoy! 


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