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Lotus, Why Chinese Names Don't Translate Well

Lotus, Why Some Chinese Names Don't Translate Well


Throughout the early spring months, we have been working  on getting our plants ready for our spring and summer season. Our Lotus tubers have been flying out the door! The list of lotus we have available this year are many.

 Some lotus have beautiful names to go along with the beautiful blooms.

Names like:

Peppermint Pink Lotus-A lovely pink lotus with unusual striping on the petals

Cranberry Kiss Lotus-A beautiful white lotus with petal tips that are "kissed" in rosy-red.

Camellia Red Lotus-Has beautiful pink flowers with heavy red veining on the petals--very showy!

Carolina Queen Lotus-Majestic, 10-12" blooms on this outstanding, pink, tall, single petal lotus.

Deepest Loving Lotus- Dazzling, dark-red blooms on this multi petal lotus. Red stays red!!!

Elite Red Lotus-Vivid pink star shaped blooms on this red, dwarf-medium multi petal lotus.

Lavender Lady Lotus-Tall, red, single with lovely blooms that change from dark pink to lavender-purple.

Crystal White Lotus-Pure- white, ruffled, multi petal blooms on this elegant dwarf-medium specimen.

Empress Lotus-Regal, white blooms with purple picotee on this dazzling, medium- tall lotus specimen.

Elegance Lotus-Ballerina pink lotus with dancing-flying petals. Dwarf-Medium with multi petal blooms.

Pretty Flower Lotus-Shapley, multi-petaled blooms on this versicolor, dwarf lotus specimen.



In other instances,  when looking over the names on our Lotus" plant list, we see some unusual names translated from Chinese into English.

Names like:

Pink Dripping Dew-An enchanting dwarf-medium lotus with double flowers in lucious shades of pink.

Bold Protector Lotus-A fabulous red lotus, dwarf-medium in size with single petal flowers.

Oriole Out Of Water-A lovely dwarf-medium sized lotus in lemony shades of yellow.

Golden Horse In Jade Palace-Creamy-white lotus with green petaloids. Just Dreamy!

Green Maiden Lotus-A dwarf-medium sized, versicolor lotus with semi-double flowers in subtle pastel shades

Holy Fire Lotus-A HEAVY BLOOMING, dwarf-medium, pink-red double flowering lotus.

Drunken Concubine-Has beautiful, light- pink flowers with darker pink tips on the single petal blooms.

Hands of the Goddess of Mercy-Versicolor, dwarf, single petal flowers on this lovely lotus. 

Look Back Shadow-Breathtaking, pink blooms on this Exquisite of Bowl-Dwarf, multi petal lotus. 

Commander Lotus-Robust, red, multi-petal  blooms on this dwarf-medium lotus. Simply Splendid! 

Crab Claw Lotus-This changeable dwarf has multi-petal blooms in shades of pink, yellow and white!

Peach with Raindrops Lotus-Early bloomer with scrumptious, rosy-red blooms. 

Loyalty Son Lotus-Stunning, red, double flowering lotus that is medium in height. Outstanding specimen!

Jewel Flower Lotus-Dwarf-Medium, multi-petal red lotus blooms with green petaloids. A real GEM!

Little Red Missing Lotus-HEAVY BLOOMER, Always a sell out. Red, dwarf-medium, single petal. Favorite!

Beautiful Dancer-A dwarf, changeable, single petal lotus that changes from pink to white to white with pink tips.

Highest Virtue Lotus-Tall, versicolor, multi petal blooms on this elegant lotus. Exquisite!

Buddha's Seat Lotus-This tall, changeable, multi petal flower is simply stunning! Magnificent blooms!

Dense Dew Lotus-Exquisite of Bowl-Dwarf lotus with semi double,white flowers with hint of violet- purple picotee

Green Clouds Lotus-Dazzling white lotus with a green blush on petal tips. Ex of Bowl-Dwarf in size

Little Antelope Lotus-Pretty white flowers with yellow-green receptacles. Dwarf-Medium in size. 

Little Green House Lotus-Dwarf-medium lotus with long, white outer petals, shorter inner petals. Very unusual!

Rice Paper Lotus-Exquisite, dainty white miniature. Dwarf, Ex of Bowl. Simply magnificent!

Star of Green Lotus-Elegant, single petal white lotus with a blush of green over the outer petals.

Sun on Snow Lotus-Dazzling, pure white, single petal blooms on this tall lotus specimen. Superb!

White Crane Lotus-A classic, single petal, white flower, dwarf-medium in size.

White Pear Flower Lotus-Creamy- white, multi-petal blooms with yellow-green petaloids. 

Winter Chrysanthemum Lotus-HEAVY BLOOMER! Magnificent flowers in white with blush of pink on petals!

Green Stage at Tianshan Mountain Lotus-Graceful white flowers with green apices. Customer Favorite!

Leadership Lotus-Radiant, white blooms with a hint of green on the petals and golden centers. Ex of Bowl

Apricot Blossom Lotus-A changeable lotus, dwarf-medium in size with colors from orange- red to white to pink!

Birthday's Peach Lotus-Luscious shades of pink on this multi-petal bloom

Celebration Lotus-Deep, rich pink multi petal flowers on this dwarf-medium sized lotus--very lovely!

Decorated Lantern Lotus-A changeable lotus with semi-double blooms that go from red to white to red tips!

Glowing Clouds in Evening Lotus-A dwarf, pink, medium sized lotus. First day flowers are amazing!

Outstanding Talent Lotus-GREAT BLOOMER, Pink, medium-tall with fabulous, multi-petal flowers! WOW!

Imperial Concubine Out Of Bath Lotus-Dwarf, medium versicolor with striking, double flowers!

Jade Tower With Drunkard-Semi-double, versicolor blooms on this dwarf-medium sized lotus. 


The reason the names may sound so unusual is because Chinese words don't always translate well into English. Plus, Chinese letters may have multiple meanings and translations of the same word may have a different meaning depending on the region or family teachings.


Also, many of our lotuses are " Rememberance Lotus". These lotus have been named " In Honor" of someone or "In Memory" of someone.

Names like:

Deacon DeGarmeaux Lotus-A tall, red, single petal lotus that is is simply beautiful!

Princess Ellen Lotus-Lively, PINK blooms on this HEAVY BLOOMING, dwarf-medium, double flowering lotus!

Princess Harper-Lovely red and white color combinations on this classic, single petal dwarf-medium lotus.

Princess Abby-Sweet little changeable lotus in breathy shades of pink! Exquisite of Bowl-Dwarf sized lotus.

Jeannie's Smile Lotus-Spectacular, tall, pink, single lotus specimen can grow to 5' tall!!!

Da Bear Lotus-Named for Coach Bear Bryant, crimson-red blooms on this dwarf, multi-petal specimen. 

Jennifer Lotus-BEAUTIFUL, bushy, full blooms on this spectacular lotus!

Emilia Lotus-A spectacular Tall, pink double flowering lotus. WOW!!!  Makes an outstanding showcase plant! 

Ben Gibson Lotus-Splendid- red, multi petal blooms on this striking, tall lotus. Outstanding!


And still other Lotus are named for the district in China where they were hybridized: 

East Lake Pink Lotus is an example of a lotus named for a region in China.

East Lake Pink Lotus is a medium-tall lotus with beautiful pink blooms and flying-dancing form. Customer Favorite!


The last lotus I will mention in this blog has an unusual name.The seeds from this lotus were actually sent into "space" to see what effect no gravity would have on the lotus.

The name of this lotus is:

Space Lotus 36 is a tall, pink, single petal lotus that is simply beautiful. Tubers from this lotus are very large!


I hope you enjoyed learning a little about the lotus and how they got their names.

Take Care-Happy Water Gardening! Enjoy!


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