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New Plants vs The Classics

New Plants vs The Classics


I don't know about you, but I cannot wait until that first spring plant catalog comes in the mail. I am amazed how much the plant industry has changed in the last few years. I remember how I used to pinch off the old petunias in my grandmother's flower pots. Now they grow in waves, no deadheading necessary! 

Hibiscus have been around for a very long time, some have been hybridized to produce more blooms on smaller plants and the colors are out of this world! It is fun to introduce these new and improved versions to our flower beds and water gardens! Often in new and interesting ways.

Every year, plant companies such as Proven Winners, introduce new varieties of plants. Often, a new and improved version of an old established plant OR a totally new specimen! Being the plant enthusiasts that we are, we are always excited to see what is on the horizon. Sometimes we see hardier versions of plants we know and love. Sometimes plants, such as petunias, now grow in "waves" and impatiens are getting more versatile as well, with varieties  that do well in the sun as well as impatiens with double blooms. We are offered more blooms on established plants, more colors and petal counts than ever before! That is important to the industry and keeps renewed interest in plant lovers as well. 

Sometimes we see renewed interest in plants that have been around for the last 100 years, or so. This brings us to the dependable classics we know and love. Plants that have been on the scene for the last 100 years that need no tweaking. Plants that bloom with remarkable predictability and colors that are sublime.  I would like to list a few remarkable waterlilies that have been on the market for years. Their beauty and reliability have astonished me for years. Somehow, we never tire of the old classics. Enjoy!





1.) Colorado Waterlily is an older, established, hardy waterlily from Hybridizer, Dr. Kirk Strawn, in 1994, that has been around for quite a while. This is an incredible bloomer with scrumptious, salmon colored waterlily blooms that stand 3-4" above the surface of the water. It is hardy in zones 3-11 and the plant has a spread of 4-6' in diameter. This prolific bloomer often has multiple blooms at the same time. The attractive lilypads are green mottled with burgundy.  This waterlily variety needs at least 4 hours of sun each day and blooms from June until September! Colorado Waterlily is more shade tolerant than most waterlilies. We recommend a slow release fertilizer like Landon's granular fertilizer or Waterlily World Pond Tabs. Colorado Waterlily is always a customer favorite!

2.) Clyde Ikins Waterlily is another hardy waterlily hybridized by Dr. Kirk Strawn in 1996. Clyde Ikins Waterlily has creamy yellow flowers with a blush of pink over the outer petals, inner petals are pale yellow to apricot. The multi petaled blooms are 4-6" across and the pads are olive green with a hint of mottling. This is a fabulous bloomer and named a Superstar Plant by Texas A & M Agriculture Program! Clyde Ikins Waterlily will tolerate part shade conditions better than most other waterlily hybrids. This waterlily needs at least 4 hours of sun each day and is one of the first waterlilies to bloom in the spring and the last one to stop blooming in the fall. Blooms also stay open later in the day than other varieties. Hardy in zone 3-11 and has a 4' spread. You can plant this waterlily 6-36" beneath the surface of the water. Fertilize every three weeks during the growing / blooming season. A real peach of a waterlily!

3.) Chromatella Waterlily is a spectacular, bright-yellow waterlily with 5" blooms. Chromatella  Waterlily was hybridized by Latour Marlaic in 1880, and is one of the world's most famous waterlilies. Large, bright-yellow, cup shaped blooms adorn this beautiful waterlily from June until September. Plant this stunning waterlily 18-30" beneath the surface of the water in full sun. Fertilize every three weeks during the growing/blooming season with Waterlily World Pond Tabs! The bright, sunny flowers and heavily mottled pads will be a standout in your water garden feature. Simply SUNsational! 

4.) Perry's Baby Red Waterlily is an exquisite, little waterlily with with rosy-red, 3" flowers and small pads. This little gem looks great in smaller ponds and tub or container gardens. Hybridized in 1983, by Hybridizer, Perry D. Slocum. A dependable bloomer that should be planted in full sun, 6-18" beneath the surface of the water. Remember that deeper depths are for more mature plants. Fertilize every three weeks with Waterlily World Pond Tabs during the growing/blooming season for robust plants and best bloom! Enjoy this little jewel in your water garden feature this summer!

5.) Perry's Opal Fire is another reliable bloomer from Hybridizer, Perry D. Slocum, in 1987. This pink waterlily has large, cup shaped flowers in a luscious shade of pink. The radiant blooms have darker pink outer petals and lighter pink inner petals. Plant 18-36" beneath the surface of the water in full sun. Fertilize every three weeks with Waterlily World Plant Tabs or Landon's Granular Fertilizer. 






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