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Greetings from WaterlilyWorld.com

We began our interest in water gardening in the early 90's. At that time, there was a lot of conflicting information as well as misinformation regarding water gardens. Pet stores and garden shops were selling waterlilies, koi and fish food for 'one stop' shopping. Customers wound up fighting algae blooms in their ponds, but no blooms on their waterlilies. The koi were eating fish food AND pond plants at an alarming rate! That is when we decided to do some research. 

Some things we learned were: 1.) What plants and fish were compatible, 2.) Waterlilies and lotus need full sun and lots of fertilizer, 3.) Koi ponds are for koi, water gardens are for plants (goldfish can be added to your water garden) 4.) Loam (mixture of topsoil and heavy clay soil) is the best planting medium for all aquatic plants, and 5.) How to overwinter your pond plants, and much, much more. 

Please be sure to use this site as a reference on how to grow water garden plants. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to zip us an email, waterlilyworld.com BEFORE you dive in!

We have been selling pond plants for about 20 years, we recently (late 2016) began selling plants from our newest and largest location on the West Coast. All of the plants that we sell from our West Coast location (WaterlilyWorld) are grown on the premises and are true to name. We send all of our orders west of the Mississippi River from our West Coast location.  We sell perennials and hardies year round, for your ordering convenience. We also sell pond plants and tropicals from our East Coast location in SE Florida at PondMegastore.com

We send Sacred Pond Lotus from our growing facility in Alabama, where we have 170 varieties of lotus on 4 acres. Our lotus are cared for by hybridizer, Laura Bancroft and kept in commercial refrigerators until they are ready to be shipped to you, our customer. Bruise free, disease free, with two or more growth tips and true to name!

We bring the best water garden plants, lotus and waterlilies from around the world, and the know-how to grow them, to you, our customer!



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