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Azolla Caroliniana is one of our TOP SELLERS!

 Azolla Caroliniana is one of our TOP SELLERS!

Azolla Caroliniana is a freshwater fern and is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet!

Many of our customers buy Azolla to feed the fish in their backyard pond. However, there are many other uses for Azolla.

Azolla has been used for a number of years to feed chickens, ducks, fish, cattle, goats and rabbits in parts of Africa, throughout Asia and now too, in America. Azolla is one of the most economical and cost efficient feed substitutes for livestock. Azolla is high in protein and low in lignin, and can be easily digested. Azolla has tremendous potential as livestock feed as it has:

1.) An extremely high rate of growth

2.) It can grow without inorganic nitrogen fertilization

3.) Promotes livestock growth and is rich in essential amino acids, Vitamins A and B 12 and Beta Carotene, as well as calcium and magnesium. It is also rich in protein and iron.


World Wide Interest


Azolla has created world-wide interest as a low cost, organic and nutrient rich animal feed. Azolla uses nitrogen from the air and minerals from decomposing nutrients in the water to grow. It does need the addition of phosphates from materials like urine or dry duck or goose droppings for optimum growth. Azolla regenerates very quickly!

Azolla Caroliniana  is one of our TOP SELLERS! Listed below are some of the reasons azolla is used:

1.) Improved overall health of livestock

2.) Increase milk yield in cattle

3.) Adds valuable weight gain to livestock

4.) Does not utilize valuable crop space

5.) Meets protein needs in fish

6.) It is a regenerative crop

7.) Azolla covering the surface of a pond reduces mosquito breeding

8.) Azolla pond sediment is rich in nutrition to help fertilize other crops without synthetic fertilizers and acts as a slow release fertilizer when used for fruits or vegetables

9.) Azolla can be used for wastewater treatment

10.) Azolla can help prevent algae blooms

You can cordon off a small area of your pond or lake to grow Azolla, to keep it from overgrowing.


 Scientific uses:

Azolla Caroliniana is often used by many professors, teachers and students for science projects regarding the growth habits and potential uses of Azolla as a biofuel, livestock feed, its regenerative properties and how Azolla grows without taking too much fertility from the eco-system while giving back so much value.


One negative factor about Azolla Caroliniana is that it can be invasive. We ask you to be responsible and use azolla in a contained environment. Also, birds can transfer Azolla Caroliniana from one body of water to another, as it attaches easily to their feet and feathers.

Azolla is impossible to count, we sell Azolla Caroliniana by the cup and by the 1/2 pound

1/2 pound portion of Azolla covers 1-2 square feet






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