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Are There Any Indigenous Plants In The USA Available For Water Gardens

Indigenous plants native to the Americas that can be used in water gardens and ponds, are listed below:

White Waterlily- Nymphaea Odorata is a hardy, fragrant, white waterlily that is native to the Americas.

Yellow Waterlily- Nymphaea Mexicana is native to the Americas, and is a hardy yellow waterlily. 

Thalia Dealbata-A tropical plant native to the Americas, often grown for their striking, tropical looking foliage and purple flowers. Prefers moist soil to a few inches of water above the soil. 

Arrowhead-Cold tolerant and native to North America, beautiful foliage with arrow shaped leaves, beautiful when planted at the edge of a pond.

Cattails-Native to the Americas, found in marshes, stream beds and wetlands. Cold hardy and may become invasive. Grows 4-9' tall and has a flowering stalk.

Pickerel Rush-Another beautiful plant with striking, jade green foliage and bottle brush flowers. Cold tolerant and considered one of the mainstays of the water garden. Adds vertical interest.

Red Lobelia-2-3' tall columns of green foliage and brilliant red flowers and native to North America. Attracts hummingbirds and are cold hardy.

Marsh Marigold-Early spring flowers are bright yellow! Cold hardy and native to North America. Attractive foliage with a  nice, round habitat. Blooms in cool weather.

Louisiana Iris-Native to the Americas, tolerates water over the crown of the plant, beautiful blooms late spring and early summer. Cold tolerant and has clumping habitat.

Flag Iris-Flowers are lavender blue and foliage is green and sword-like.  Clumping habitat and cold hardy. Multiplies rapidly and great for naturalizing in meadows and wetlands. Also great for bank erosion for ponds, lakes and stream beds.

Yerba Mansa-A beautiful perennial herb native to the Americas. Prefers wet soil and is cold tolerant. Beautiful white flowers with conical centers adorn this plant. It has been used for antibacterial, antifungal and and antimicrobial purposes. 

Yellow Lotus-Nelumbo lutea is native to North America and cold tolerant. Nelumbo lutea can be found from Minnesota to Florida. These yellow lotus can be found in ponds, lakes and streams throughout the USA.

These plants are native to specific parts of the United States. If a plant is indigenous to your area, there is an excellent chance that plant will grow and thrive in your pond, since they grow naturally in your soil and climate.



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