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Nelumbo Lutea is Indigenous to North America

Nelumbo Lutea is a lotus species plant indigenous to North America and can be found in parts of Canada and throughout most of the lower 48 United States. It is considered a wetland plant and has fragrant pale yellow flowers and large, bowl shaped lotus leaves. The plant can grow 3-6' in height with a 3-4' spread. The flowers bloom in June, July, August and September. The plant itself requires moist soil or shallow water and lots of sunlight. They are heat and cold tolerant. This plant needs lots of space to spread and reproduce. 

Nelumbo Lutea has been used as a food source by the American Indians for centuries. The large tubers are huge and can be baked like sweet potatoes, mashed or cut and fried. The leaves can be eaten like spinach or dried and added to recipes and the seeds can be eaten green, as peas or eaten when they are brown, as nuts. The seeds can also be ground into flour. The seedpods are attractive and are often used in  dry or fresh floral arrangements.

Yellow Bird Lotus is a hybrid of Nelumbo Lutea, is similar in looks to Nelumbo Lutea with yellow flowers with rounded petals and can be purchased at waterlilyworld.com



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