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NEW Purple Hardy Waterlilies!

New Purple Hardy Waterlilies

Inter-subgeneric crosses, a hardy waterlily crossed with a tropical waterlily, resulting in a new hardy waterlily. It has a hardy root system combined with the color and fragrance of tropicals. Some of these crosses have been great, some not so great.

No Blue Hardies, despite hybridizer claims as of January 2017. There have been a few with a hint of blue, but all look as though they are in the purple color spectrum.

The first purple hardy inter-subgeneric, was from Pairat Songpanich and includes some of the best purple hardies.

FAN and Mike Giles soon followed.

 FAN released Purple Fantasy which is heavily flawed. The plant is leggy, the rhizome grows rapidly and quickly outgrows the pot, the color is dark, drab and unattractive, as is the foliage.

Zijun Li, a very young hybridizer from China, created "Detective Erika", a beautiful star shaped, fragrant purple hardy. Best New Waterlily in 2016.

Florian Henaux, from France, created a new purple hardy, a heavy bloomer with round petals. This is another excellent specimen.

Pairat Songpanich, from Thailand, created Queen Sirikit, our FAVORITE hardy purple.It has exquisite purple coloration with white at the base of the cup shaped blooms. The flowers look as though they are lit from within. It is a medium sized, compact plant.

Along with Queen Sirikit, Pairat Songpanich also hybridized Siam Purple # 1, A lovely, light purple, medium bloomer with mottled pads. Siam Purple # 2, A heavenly hybrid which is a darker purple than Siam #1, with a hint of pink in the petals. And Siam Marble, a very pretty hybrid with medium purple coloration. It is a medium bloomer and compact plant.







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