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Our Favorite Heavy Blooming Waterlilies

What Are Some Heavy Blooming Waterlilies, you may ask. . .

Our favorite heavy blooming waterlilies are listed below. Some are hardy, some are tropical. All of these waterlilies have proven themselves as HEAVY BLOOMERS! Plant these beauties in heavy loam soil, fertilize monthly during the growing/blooming season and place in full sun. ENJOY!

1.) Ruby Star Waterlily is an AWARD WINNING, red waterlily with multiple blooms! Red Star is a small waterlily that blooms from June to September! Some reds may burn in the intense Florida or Texas sun, but not Ruby Star! Great for small-medium ponds or container gardens. Another beautiful waterlily from hybridizer Tony Moore.

2.) Perry's Baby Red Waterlily has intense rosy-red flowers that bloom and bloom and bloom! CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Smaller in size, big on bloom! An adorable red that is perfect for container or tub gardens or small ponds!

3.) Colorado Waterlily is medium in size, in shades of juicy-peach. A PROFUSE BLOOMER and a CUSTOMER FAVORITE! This waterlily can't be beat when it comes to blooming. Colorado has a 4-6' spread and does well in medium to large ponds. Mottled lilypads mature to green. 

4.) Clyde Ikins Waterlily has full, large, 4-6" creamy- gold and orange-peach coloration on the flowers of this tremendous, profuse bloomer. The scrumptious blooms stay open later in the day than other specimens and has all the colors of a summer sunrise! 

5.)Texas Dawn Waterlily has large, bright, lemon-yellow flowers that adorn this dependable, HEAVY BLOOMER! Texas Dawn is a medium-large waterlily that will look great in any sized pond. Blooms all summer long!

6.) Pink Sparkle Waterlily has elegant, star shaped blooms that are drenched in sparkling shades of pink. The compact habitat and heavy bloom make this a perfect choice for tub or containers on your deck or patio.

7.) Rhonda Kay Waterlily (Tropical) An exquisite specimen! Flowers are stellate and drenched in deep lavender blue with bright amber centers. This large waterlily has blooms that stand regally above the surface of the water. A real jewel in the waterlily world from hybridizer, Ken Landon.

8.) Tropic Sunset Waterlily (Tropical) is a dazzling specimen with sparkling-yellow centers that give way to creamy- golds and mauve- pinks. Simply dreamy! All the colors of a "Tropic Sunset"

9.) Tina Waterlily (Tropical) adds drama and excitement with this dependable bloomer! Regal purple petals that fade to lighter purple near the center. yellow-gold centers and purple stamens are lovely! Pads are green and viviparous. Grows and blooms beautifully all summer 'til frost!

10.) Madame Ganna Walska Waterlily (Tropical) has heavenly, lavender-blue blooms that are star-shaped with radiant yellow centers. The pads are green and complement this heavy bloomer nicely! 

11.) Dauben Waterlily (Tropical) has cup shaped, light-blue flowers with deep blue coloration on the petal tips and rich yellow centers. The anthers are yellow, tipped in light blue and give this wonderful specimen an ethereal look!  Lilypads are green. Dauben blooms with less sunlight than most other waterlilies. 

12.) Marlaic Albida Waterlily is an elegant, medium sized waterlily. The flowers are free flowering and white. The outer petals are subtly streaked with a breath of pink. Pads are dark green.

13. )Denver Waterlily has beautifully shaped, cup shaped flowers in shades of creamy white. Lilypads are green with heavy mottling. A lovely addition to any pond or water garden setting.

14.) Citrus Twist Waterlily (Tropical) A hint of pink over the mouthwatering yellow petals of this fabulous tropical waterlily with mottled lilypads. Simply refreshing! 

15.) Georgia Peach Waterlily comes in mouth watering shades of peach and mango. The blooms are free flowering and stand high above the water with lightly mottled pads. Just peachy!  Excellent choice for any pond or water garden setting.

16.) Miss Siam Waterlily is simply stunning! A beautiful, hot-vivid-pink flower with amber-gold centers. The bloom has ruffled layers of petals and sits magically on the water. Lilypads are bronze. An exciting addition to your water garden or pond!

17.) Gregg's Orange Beauty Waterlily is a beautiful combination of yellows, pinks and peach. Dark green pads complement this specimen nicely. An excellent bloomer that has unusual coloration. 

18.) Siam Purple # 2 Waterlily has magnificent, purple-pink blooms with bright amber centers. The dazzling flowers stand regally above the surface of the water and have mottled pads. Another amazing hybrid from hybridizer Pairat Songpanich

19.) Star of Siam (Tropical) is a CUSTOMER FAVORITE! The breath-taking shade of blue is ethereal on these stellate blooms. Stamens are yellow in a starburst pattern around the center of the heavenly bloom with heavily mottled purple pads. Simply bliss!

20.) Joey Tomocik Waterlily will bring some SUNSHINE to your pond with this robust, heavy bloomer! Sunny yellow flowers are held high above the water and pads are green. This bright-yellow waterlily is a STANDOUT!

The beautiful HEAVY BLOOMERS listed above have proven themselves year after year. We have looked around the globe for the best plants, at the best price, the world has to offer. Enjoy!

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