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The Role Of Oxygenators In Your Pond (Why Hornwort is the best!)

Oxygenators play an important role in the health of your pond. Oxygenators should be planted in the substrate of your pond or in containers that contain sand or gravel. Newer plants should be placed at more shallow depths and established plants can be placed deeper.

Oxygenators include, Anacharis Najas, Bacopa, Hornwort, Cabomba, Mermaid Plant, Rotala, and Jungle Vallisneria. Of these, and all other oxygenators, we consider Hornwort the very best! 

Hornwort is an excellent oxygenator, helping to keep the water sparkling clear as well as adding oxygen to the water, and emits a chemical that actually inhibits algae growth. You can anchor Hornwort into the substrate, anchor it by planting it in small containers of sand or gravel or simply placing it in your pond. Hornwort is great for spawning and for small fish to find cover. Hornwort multiplies by the seed and fragmentation and grows rather quickly. 

We sell Hornwort by the bunch, you can purchase it on our website, waterlilyworld.com


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