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Uses for Salvinia Minima

Uses for Salvinia Minima

Salvinia Minima is an aquatic fern that grows and floats on the surface of still, freshwater lakes, ponds and canals. Salvinia Minima will tolerate some salinity and will grow in brackish water in marshes, swamps and wetlands. Azolla Caroliniana and Salvinia Minima are often interchangeable in their uses. Salvinia Minima can be used as low cost, organic rich feed for livestock. One of the negatives of Salvinia Minima is that it can become invasive, as any part of the plant can reproduce. Salvinia Minima will absorb excess nitrates from the water and act as a food source for fish and fowl. When adding Salvinia Minima to a backyard pond or private lake, try to corral a section of the pond or lake where only Salvinia Minima will grow. Salvinia Minima will overtake and smother Duckweed Lemnoideae. Birds can transfer Salvinia Minima from one body of water to another as it attaches easily to their feet and feathers.


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