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What I Wish I Had Known BEFORE I Built My Pond

What I wish I had known before I built my pond makes quite an extensive list. 

A well designed pond should be attractive from every vantage point. Free formed ponds look great in a natural or more casual setting. Round or rectangular shapes are more formal, and should only be used in formal settings.

Here are some things to consider BEFORE you build your pond:

How much sunlight will my pond receive?

Are there trees nearby that will add leaves, twigs and other organic matter that will decay in my pond? Will the roots from the tree interfere with my pond?

How deep shall I dig my pond?

What shape should I consider?

Should I put shelves in my pond?

Shall I use a rubber liner or a pre-formed pond?

Do I have easy access to a water source?

Will you use a mechanical filter or consider biological or bacterial filtration?

What types of filtration devices are available?

What types of plants will you be planting? Consider bloom times.

A good rule of thumb is to cover 60-70% of the surface of the pond with plants that will shade the water. Place taller plants in back as a backdrop and have shorter varieties in the foreground.

The deepest part of the pond should be close to the viewing area so that you can observe fish, frogs and wildlife. 

Will my pond need aeration? It is important to get oxygen to your pond and plants, an aerator will help you do this.

Do you have access to electricity to plug in pumps, filters and aeration devices?

Consult local zoning guidelines for your area regarding maximum allowable pond depths. Some zoning requirements may require a fence.

 Will my pond be easy to clean?

 Should I add fish to my pond, if so, which kind? Koi or goldfish?

Are there local/state guidelines to consider?

We have the answers for you on these pages throughout our website.


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