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Why Do I Need A De-icer?


De-icers are an important element in a pond and benefit plants as well as fish. When you allow your pond to freeze over for several months in the winter, your pond pumps cannot work properly, decaying plants at the bottom of your pond form a sludge build-up and your fish may be at risk because toxic gasses can build up in the pond. Pond deicers are energy efficient with internal thermostats that automatically turn on the deicer when the water temperature goes down to 32 degrees and turns them off when the temperature is above 32 degrees.  Some of the benefits of a pond deicer are

1.) De-icers keep the pond from freezing by keeping a hole in the ice, this allows toxic gasses to escape.

2.) By keeping the pond from totally freezing over, the deicer allows sunlight to penetrate through the water and to the plants on the bottom of the pond (most plants don't die from cold, they die from total lack of sunlight)

3.) Pond de-icers keep other pond equipment running smoothly.  People in zones 3-7 should use a de-icer in their ponds for the reasons stated above.

4.) Water is a scarce resource for wild birds in the winter, having a de-icer allows wild birds access to water as they frequent your pond, ensuring their survival. 

Other benefits of having a de-icer are that pond pumps and other pond equipment can operate more effectively when the surface of the water is not frozen over. De-icers are available as either floating or submersible devices and are best installed before your pond freezes over! 

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