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Why Fabric Planters are the Answer!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Fabric Planting Bags?

Allowing your plant roots oxygen will ensure larger, healthier plant growth. There are times when you will want to keep your plants contained in a container without holes. Especially when growing lotus, but you can actually double your plants' access to more and better nutrition by allowing their roots access to oxygen! One way to do this is by planting your aquatic specimens in baskets, place holes in your solid containers OR by planting your pond plants in fabric planting bags! The benefits of fabric planters are many, listed below are the top reasons to purchase fabric planters for your pond. 1.) Allow oxygen to circulate at the roots of your plant allowing more access to nutrients in the water 2.) When your plants' roots have access to oxygen, they can more easily break down decaying matter and help to release nitrogen and CO2, which plants need. 3.) Roots exposed to oxygen increases the uptake of nutrients from the water while reducing algae and the nutrients algae feed upon 4.) Planting your aquatic plants in fabric planting bags, rather than planting your plants in solid containers, allow the plants to take up nitrogen and phosphorous from the water, increasing the plants biomass. Plant growth and nutrient uptake is increased and decaying sediment build-up is reduced 5.) Fabric Planting Bags are easy to ship and store 6.) Fabric Planting Bags can be planted on shore and gently "dropped" in shallow water in earth bottom lakes and ponds

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