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Should I Worry About Mosquitoes In My Water Garden?

Why you never need to worry about mosquitoes in your water garden

There are several reasons why you do not have to worry about mosquitos in your pond or water garden. 1.)The first reason is that mosquitoes prefer stagnant water, ponds and water gardens have oxygenated water. 2.) Another reason is that plants in your pond are an invitation for dragonflies to visit and dragonfly larvae feed on mosquitoes. 3.) Frogs that visit your pond will eat adult mosquitoes. 4.) ALL fish, whether they are koi, goldfish, rosy red minnows or the expensive gambusia (mosquito fish), eat mosquito eggs and their larvae. That is why you will not find mosquitoes around a LIVING pond. A pond that has plants, tadpoles, fish and beneficial insects like dragonflies!

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