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Aquatic Mint (Mentha Aquatica)

Plant Description

Aquatic Mint (Mentha Aquatica)


Aquatic Mint is a delightful pond plant. Enjoy the lovely scent of mint when the plant is brushed up against or a refreshing sprig of mint in your iced tea! Aquatic Mint flowers bloom all season long and the plant grows quickly. Aquatic Mint is a delight to the eye with its pretty, lavender-pink blooms as well as to taste and smell with the mint fragrance. There are many uses for Aquatic Mint as an edible herb, as a garnish for beverages and your favorite dishes!  Aquatic Mint attracts butterflies and honey bees to your water garden.

Height   Grows to 12 inches tall

Width     12  inch spread

Sunlight Requirements   Full Sun to Part Shade

Moisture Requirements   Moist soil with up to 2 inches of water above the roots

Bloom    Blooms all summer until frost

Zone       Hardy in zones 5 - 11

Planting Instructions

This pond plant is great when planted in moist bog areas around your pond, in your pond with roots up to 2 inches beneath the surface of the water, and also an excellent choice for your bog filter system. When planting in your pond, use 1 - 2 gallon containers, heavy loam soil and plant in full sun to part shade. Place the plants with roots only in the water, with up to 2 inches of water over the roots.

Fabric Planting Containers are an excellent choice when placing marginal pond plants, like Aquatic Mint, in the pond.

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