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Canna Cleopatra

Plant Description

Canna Cleopatra is unique and regal, absolutely 'Queen of the Water Garden as well as the Terrestrial Garden' with bi-colored blooms in royal shades of red and yellow, and large leaves with with dramatic black and green markings.  Canna Cleopatra grows 36 - 48 inches tall or taller, when planted in moist bog areas or shallow areas of your pond or water feature. Canna Cleopatra makes a stunning focal point! Lift rhizomes after first frost in the fall and replant in spring after all danger of frost has passed. A breathtaking specimen with bi-colored flowers and bi-colored foliage. Canna plants are great at filtering nutrients from the water, thus reducing algae growth!

Height      Grows 3 - 5  feet tall

Width        2 foot spread

Sunlight Requirements     Full sun to part shade (Blooms best in full sun)

Moisture Requirements     Moist soil or in the pond with an inch of water above the roots

Zone           Hardy in zones 7b - 10b

Planting Instructions

Plant Canna Cleopatra in moist, heavily composted soil in your terrestrial garden in full sun to part shade. Keep soil evenly moist, especially during dry spells. Fertilize once a month throughout the growing/blooming season. Lift after first frost in the fall in the north and overwinter bulbs indoors in a dry, cool, dark location.

When planting Canna Cleopatra in the pond, use large planting containers with rocks on the bottom and loam soil on the top. The rocks on the bottom of the container are to keep the plants from blowing over in strong winds. Never place rocks on top of the soil as this inhibits the growth of any plant. Fertilize once each month with a slow release fertilizer like Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs for optimum growth and best bloom!

*Extra Large Fabric Planting Containers are a great choice for Canna Cleopatra as well as other marginal plants for the pond.


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