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Chiquita Punch Canna (Dwarf Orange Canna)

Plant Description

Chiquita Punch Canna has large, showy flowers in shades of radiant orange-yellow. The blue-green foliage is lush and attractive. These canna grow best in full sun in moist soil. A great addition for bogs, at the edges of ponds and streams. Great to control bank erosion and helps to filter pond water by taking up extra nutrients through their root system. Chiquita Punch Canna also makes a great focal point in a water garden setting.  This canna is an incredible bloomer, if you want beautiful orange color and lush, green foliage all season long, look no further that Chiquita Punch Canna! One of the very best bloomers available! Plant after all danger of frost has passed and lift canna and overwinter in a dry, dark, cool environment throughout the winter months. 

Height       Grows 15 - 18 inches tall

Width          6 - 8 inches wide

Sunlight Requirements   Full sun to part shade 

Moisture Requirements   Moist soil or with one inch of water above the soil in the pond

Zone          Hardy in zones 7 - 10

Planting Instructions

Plant this incredible bloomer in moist soil in full sun to part shade in your terrestrial garden, keeping the soil evenly moist, especially during dry spells. If placing in the pond, plant in containers using loam soil and place in the pond with up to one inch of water above the soil in the container. Plant in full sun to part shade, blooms best in full sun.  Lift plants after first frost in the fall and over winter in a cool, dark, dry environment over the winter months. Replant in the spring after all danger of frost has passed.



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