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Dwarf Umbrella Palm (Cyperus)

Plant Description

Dwarf Umbrella Palm adds a sense of whimsy and enchantment with little 'umbrellas' perched atop 18 - 24 inch stems. These lovely green plants do best in full to part sun in shallow water. Umbrella Palms are perfect for pots in your pond as a focal point or on shelves to help soften the edges of your pond. Dwarf Umbrella Palm is always a customer favorite!


Height          Grows 18 - 24 inches tall

Width            12 - 18 inch spread

Sunlight Requirements     Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements     Moist soil to wet, with 2 - 6 inches of water above the roots for mature                                                     plants

Zone              Hardy in zones 8 - 12

Planting Instructions

Plant your Dwarf Umbrella Palm in 2 - 3 gallon container using loam soil and place in shallow water, new plants can be placed in more shallow water (2 inches) and more mature plants can be placed with up to 6 inches of water above the roots. Plants should be planted in full sun to part shade. 

Dwarf Umbrella Palm may also be planted in ornamental containers in loam soil, as long as you keep the soil moist. Place in full sun to part shade.

Dwarf Umbrella Palm can be overwintered indoors in a south facing window.

*Fabric Planting Containers are an excellent choice for almost every aquatic plant for your pond. Convenient, easy to use and come in different sizes. The tops of the planters can be folded down to the desired height. When plant roots have access to oxygen, they grow more rapidly, taking up additional nutrients in the water, helping to eliminate algae.

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