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Green Creeping Jenny

Green Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia Nummularia) is an excellent, perennial pond plant with round green leaves on trailing stems, and serves as an excellent ground cover. Low growing, Green Creeping Jenny can be weaved through waterfalls and streams or it can cascade over the sides of containers or attractively draped over walls. Use this lovely pond plant, Green Creeping Jenny, to soften the edges of pots or hanging baskets. Green Creeping Jenny grows 2 - 6 inches tall and has a 1 - 2 foot spread. Flowers are bright, sunny yellow. Fertilize all of your pond plants with Landon Granular fertilizer or Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs. You can purchase pots, pond plants and fertilizer from WaterlilyWorld.com

Height     2 - 6 inches tall

Width       Slowly spreads about twelve inches or more,over the summer

Sunlight Requirements   Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements   Moist soil or up to 3 inches of water above the soil

Bloom      Blooms all summer long into fall (Blooms best in full sun)

Zone        Creeping Jenny is cold tolerant and is considered a perennial in the north


Planting Instructions

Plant your Green Creeping Jenny in moist, loam soil in full sun to part shade.  Creeping Jenny is a fine addition to your pond, streams and creek banks. Plant the roots in soil with up to 3 inches of water above the roots. Creeping Jenny also makes a nice ground cover and will tolerate light traffic.

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