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Marsh Marigolds (Caltha Palustris) 

Plant Description

Marsh Marigolds are from the buttercup family and have small, sunny yellow flowers that emerge in spring with green, heart shaped foliage. Marsh Marigolds are a perennial herb that spread by rhizome and can grow 10 - 16 inches tall in wetlands, marsh areas, bog areas and on banks of ponds, streams and lakes. Marsh Marigolds grow well in full sun to part shade. Marsh Marigolds can be planted directly in the ground or in containers in shallow water. (Fabric Planting Containers are an excellent choice for most aquatic, marginal plants for your pond. Convenient, easy to use and they come in different sizes. They fold down for desired height. Allows plants' roots access to oxygen for rapid growth and greater uptake of nutrients from pond water, thus helping to reduce algae.)

Height          Grow 10 - 16 inches tall

Width            12 - 18 inch spread

Sunlight Requirements     Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements     Wet, with at least 3 inches of water above the soil

Bloom            Marsh Marigold is usually the first plant to bloom in the spring

Zone               Hardy in zones 3 - 8

Planting Instructions

Plant your Marsh Marigolds directly into the soil in your natural bottom pond or in planting containers using loam soil and place in the pond with three inches of water above the soil in full sun to part shade. Marsh Marigold is one of the very first plants to bloom in the spring, adding bright yellow blooms to your pond setting. Marsh Marigold prefer cooler temps and usually go dormant during the hot summer months. Cut your Marsh Marigold blooms back before they stop blooming in the spring and they should rebloom for you in the summer!


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