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Mosaic Plant Has Lovely Red And Green Mosaics!

Mosaic Plant, (Ludwigia Sedioides) is an exquisite as well as interesting pond plant. The foliage seems to float on the surface of the water, but Mosaic Plant must be planted in small pots beneath the water's surface. Mosaic Plant grows in rosette form with small, red and green diamond shaped leaves that form mosaics. Four to six inch rosettes float on the water's surface This pond plant is exquisite around the edges of a pond. Plant Mosaic Plant where it can be seen easily. When in bloom, small yellow flowers grow from the center of the rosettes. Mosaic Plant blooms from June to August, depending on zone. Plant in one gallon containers using heavy loam soil and place near edges of pond with 5 - 20 inches of water above the soil, in full sun to part shade.  Mosaic Plant will not survive in alkaline water. PH must be between 5.5-7.5. Mosaic Plant needs very warm water temperatures (at least 72 degrees F) and warm weather to grow and thrive. 

Height       Rosettes grow on the surface of the water

Width         Spreads about 1 foot per month

Sunlight Requirements   Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements   Wet, must be planted in soil and placed beneath the surface of the water

Zone            Hardy in zones 11 - 12

Planting Instructions

Plant your Mosaic Plant in a one gallon container or small fabric planter using loam soil. Place in full sun to part shade, 5 to 20 inches beneath the surface of the water. Water must be 72 degrees Fahrenheit, or warmer. Mosaic Plant grows well in the north in the summer months as an annual.


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