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Oregon Sunset Kaffir Lily (Schizostylus coccinea)

Plant Description

Oregon Sunset Kaffir Lily, also known as 'River Lily', is a splendid addition to your pond, bog or terrestrial garden. Originally from South Africa, this is a perennial plant in zones 6 - 12, has semi-evergreen foliage as well as spikes of brilliant, coral-red, star shaped blooms on spikes above the foliage. The lovely coral-red flowers contrast well with the emerald-green foliage throughout the long bloom season in August, September and October each year. Oregon Sunset Kaffir Lily adds bright color to your water garden, bog or terrestrial garden at a time when other plants are fading. Also known as Crimson River Lily and Crimson Flag. The semi-evergreen foliage has a clumping habitat and prefers moist loam soil or shallow water above the roots.

Height     24 inches tall

Width       12 inch spread

Sunlight Requirements     Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements     Moist loam soil to 3 inches of water above the roots

Bloom     Blooms in August, September and October

Zone        Perennial in zones 6 through 12

Planting Instructions

Oregon Sunset Kaffir Lilies may be planted in containers of loam soil (NEVER ROCKS) and placed in the pond with up to three inches of water above the roots. OR planted in the moist soil of your bog or terrestrial garden. (Please follow or instructions on our homepage for loam soil) It is important to note that you do not want the soil drying out. Do not place rocks or stones on the loam soil as this will impede growth of the plants. Oregon Sunset Kaffir Lilies do well when placed in full sun to part shade. If planting multiple plants, space them 12 inches apart. Oregon Sunset Kaffir Lilies make an exciting focal point when three are planted in a (14 inch or wider) container and placed in your pond with up to three inches of water above the roots. Beautiful when planted en masse or in borders of your terrestrial garden or at the edge of lakes and ponds. Perennial in zones 6 through 12. 



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