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Red Peony Lotus has a radiant blush of red that washes over the petals of this superb specimen. Lush, full, flowers with dancing form and beautiful, unusual seed pods make this lotus a MUST HAVE!  A CUSTOMER FAVORITE and one of ours as well! A perfect addition for any pond or container garden.

Plant your Red Peony Lotus in a wide, shallow container using heavy loam soil, keeping the growth tips exposed. Add 2 - 4 inches of water over the soil and place in full sun outdoors. Lotus need 8 - 12 hours of sunlight daily
DO NOT FERTILIZE. In a couple of weeks you will have coin leaves on the surface of the water. Soon aerial leaves will appear. Once you have aerial leaves, fertilize monthly during the growing/blooming season. We use, sell and recommend Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs. We recommend them for vigorous growth and best bloom!    

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