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Iris Versicolor (Blue Flag Iris)

Plant Description

Blue Flag Iris has blooms in heavenly shades of lavender-blue that will grace areas of your yard or water feature. Blue Flag Iris is an excellent choice, with green, sword-like foliage and 4 inch lavender-blue blooms in the spring, growing 20 - 30 inches tall, this blue flag iris does well in shallow water or in moist soil in bog areas around your pond or in your backyard. Plant 1  inch beneath the water's surface in your pond or in moist, sunny areas of your yard, bog area or bog filter. Plant Blue Flag Iris in full sun to part shade.  Blue Flag Iris is hardy in zones 3 - 12. Blue Flag Iris is a dependable bloomer, year after year. Beautiful blooms early to late spring, depending on your zone. These iris look great from coast to coast. Plant Blue Flag Iris this year for exquisite blooms each spring! Blue Flag Iris are great for water filtration and bank erosion.

Height        Grows 20 - 30 inches tall

Width           Spread 12 - 24 inches wide

Sunlight Requirements     Full sun to part shade (iris do best in full sun)

Moisture Requirements        Moist soil to wet, with a couple of inches of water above the rhizome

Bloom            Blooms early to late spring, depending on zone

Divide              Divide every 2 - 3 years, as needed

Zone                 Hardy in zones 3 - 9

Planting Instructions

Plant your Blue Flag Iris in your terrestrial garden by adding heavily composted material to the soil. Dig holes a little larger than the rhizomes, place rhizomes in the hole and cover with 1/2 inch of soil. Plant in full sun to part shade. Water well and keep soil evenly moist, especially during dry spells.

For pond use, plant directly into the soil of your natural bottom pond or in containers using loam soil for your lined ponds. Make sure the rhizomes are in moist soil or with an inch of water above the rhizomes. Plant in full sun to part shade (Iris do best in full sun).

Blue Flag Iris grow well in bogs, wetlands, marshes, along banks of streams and creeks. Blue Flag Iris does a great job of preventing soil erosion and also help to take up extra nutrients in the water, helping to avoid algae issues.

Divide Blue Flag Iris every 2 - 3 years as needed.



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