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Water Hawthorn 

Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton Distachyos) grows from a small bulb (your Water Hawthorn may come as a bulb or a plant, depending on the season you order). Water Hawthorn is a lovely plant with narrow, green leaves that float on the water. Water Hawthorn may spread 2 - 3 feet on the surface of the water.  It blooms when other pond plants are not blooming in early spring, then again in the fall in temperatures between 32 - 75 degrees.  The lovely, creamy-white flower spikes on Water Hawthorn have a vanilla scent . It blooms in cold weather and will tolerate shade and slow moving water. Water Hawthorn will grow in water depths of 6 inches  - 24 inches deep. For our Southern States Customers, please keep in mind that Water Hawthorn plants will perish if kept in 90 degree water for  an extended period of time. 

Height  Surface of the water

Width   Grow 2 - 3 feet in diameter 

Sunlight Requirements   Full sun to full shade

Moisture Requirements   Wet, must be grown beneath the surface of the water (6 - 24 inches deep)

Bloom  Blooms in cooler months with temps 32 - 75 degrees

Zone   3 - 9

Planting Instructions

Plant your Water Hawthorn in a small (4 - 10 inches in diameter) container using loam soil. Do not plant the roots too deep and do not put rocks in with your planting medium or on the surface of the soil. Mark your pot well  so that you don't throw it out when the plant is dormant! Place your potted Water Hawthorn         6   -  24 inches beneath surface of the water in full sun to full shade. Water Hawthorn is another way to add beauty to your pond when other plants are dormant!

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